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This morning at its press briefing at the E3 Media & Business Summit, Microsoft stunned many in the audience by announcing that Final Fantasy XIII is now in development for the Xbox 360. Not only is the game coming to the console, but it will arrive on the same day and date as the PlayStation 3 edition of the game, with no timed exclusivity of any kind. However, when exactly that is remains a mystery, given that the graphics-intensive role-playing game still has no firm release date.

"We believe that releasing an Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII will allow us to provide the game to even more fans in the two regions of North America and Europe," Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada told a stunned audience. No mentioned was made of Japan, where the 360 is far less popular than the PS3.

Square Enix社长和田洋一在今天凌晨结束的微软E3 2008新闻发布会上正式宣布,原本由PS3独占的RPG游戏《最终幻想XIII(Square Enix)》将改为跨平台发售,X360版的美版和欧版将同步推出




我始终相信游戏战争最后的胜利者肯定是微软,太有钱了~ 玩儿不过你,收购了你。。。